Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Loom

The internet is a funny thing.

It provokes demand, demand to be heard. There is outrage when no heed is paid, outrage when a quick-fix culture doesn't instantaneously get anything and all it wants.

In amongst all this, it is easy to forget some fairly extraordinary possibilities. Possibilities to talk, to understand, to ask questions to people you'd, perhaps, never otherwise know. Possibilities to connect.

My aim for this project is to try and use the net - use it for something, as opposed to being forever content to leave it as just something that I do. Infomania breeds complacency.

So, this is it. This will be a semi-regular project, but one I hope will be of interest, one I hope in which I can succeed in my aims of tracking down people with warped ideas, people who visualise their nothing, then create it. And then I want to ask them things, tell them things. And then, in the end, I hope to be able to write the discussions here.

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Ed said...

Looking forward to this, the first interview should be the tits [INSIDER INFO].


Tero said...

Good luck with the project!